Makua Winterbell

Species: Horned cat
Bio: A demon woman hailing from Makai. She lost her right eye as a child when her village was attacked by a monster. She enjoys reading.
Magnote: I came up with Makua on a whim one day back in like 2017. I didn't really have to think hard about what she should look like; it just came to me instantly. Also she's mai waifu and I LUV HER A BLOO BLOO BLOOOOO!!!!

Lily Winterbell

Species: Horned cat
Bio: She's Makua's mom. I haven't drawn her yet.


Species: Harpy
Bio: A nimble harpy who's good at dodging stuff.
Magnote: Miria is the character from my mobile game Azure Flight. She was just some nameless little harpy I made for the game, but I liked her and decided to actually turn her into one of my OCs.


Species: Robot
Bio: A robotic maid with a chaotic personality.
Magnote: Miamori was actually an IRC bot (SeeBorg) that my friend hosted (who also named her). The software is designed to learn everything that's said and randomly regurgitate phrases chained together (Markov chain). This resulted in her saying tons of hilarious stuff. Her catchphrase, a creation of her own, is "does it rad?!"