Favorite Firefox Addons

Below are some of my must-have addons for Firefox.

10ten Japanese Reader

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Japanese-to-English translator/dictionary. Shows an information box when hovering over Japanese text which includes both possible definitions and usages of words and phrases (including colloquialisms).


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User script manager; allows you to write JavaScript code that runs on any page (or pages of your choosing). Very useful for extending the functionality of websites.



Enlarges/shows images when hovering over them. Useful for images that have been resized, displayed as thumbnails (i.e. on Google Images, image boards, boorus, etc.), or are simply links (like on my artwork page). Source code is not available, though people have vetted the minified code and haven't found anything malicious. Either way, use at your own risk.

Lean Tab Limiter

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Sets a user-defined limit on the number of tabs you can have open at once. Necessary for people like me who end up with 100+ tabs open at a time (I've set my limit to 10, which has greatly helped this issue of mine).

Save WebP as PNG or JPEG

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Adds an overlay when viewing a WebP image which allows you to save it as various formats. Don't use WebP. Stop giving Google control over everything for fuck's sake.

Save Website as Image

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Saves an entire Web page as a PNG file. I save screenshots of pages I like in my personal inspiration folder, and this is great for that.


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Saves an entire Web page as a single HTML file. Unrolls CSS files and bakes Base64-encoded image data into the file itself. Very useful for preserving cool sites and articles and such.

uBlock Origin

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Ad/script/tracker/etc. blocker. 100% essential for the infernal hellscape that is the modern Web. Corporations and advertisers will tell you you're a horrible person for using this plugin, but until they stop throwing auto-playing videos and trackers at us, they can go fuck themselves. Nobody cared when ads were just static JPEGs and animated GIFs; in fact, I found a lot of them fun and interesting. It was when those assholes started injecting all sorts of other shit into our browsers like SWF files that people really took offense. For your privacy/safety, you absolutely should be using this extension. EVERYONE should be.

If corporations have a problem with it, they can deal with it. Make ads just be ads again, i.e. things to sell products/services, and stop injecting malicious JS and other CPU-consuming bullshit into my browser without my consent. Maybe then I'll stop using it.