These are some places on the Web I like to visit. I am in no way affiliated with any of the sites below, I just think they're good sites. Feel free to link to mine as well if you want. You can use the 200x40 px link banner in the footer if you want.

Bulbapedia Pokémon encyclopedia
Carpetwurm's HP Comic artist & illustrator
Clickteam Game-creation software developer
FC2 Free Web hosting service
iWebFusion My preferred Web hosting service
JetPens Japanese pen/stationary vendor
Jisho Japanese dictionary
Moe Moe Dot Union Pixel art portal
Neocities Free website builder & host
Pixel Joint Pixel art community
PSP2i Wiki Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity encyclopedia
Signal Tower Kyou's homepage; game developer, musician, & artist
Superani US Art/instructional book publisher
The MOD Archive Music module archive
VGMusic Video game MIDI file archive
Web Design Museum Museum of website design circa 1991-2006
Wikimon Digimon encyclopedia