Prompt Draw


I made this tool as a way to do some quick sketching and to try and improve my ability to recall things better. I plan to keep increasing to the prompt list over time. You can see the list here.

The tool's pretty simple, so I'll let you figure it out. Only thing to note is that if you set the timer to 0 you'll have infinite time to draw each prompt, and you can then just manually advance when ready via the skip button. You can also just draw without starting a session if you want to use this as your main drawing app or something weird like that.

I use this tool without looking up any references; the goal is to pull whatever info I can from my visual library, even if there's barely anything there. I recommend setting a time limit that's just enough for you to communicate something with your desired technique. Don't save your sketches, just let the program wipe the canvas. Nobody's judging you. Relax, and just let it go.