This is the place I put whatever I want.

Adobe Flash

I wish Flash was still alive. There are no other standalone multimedia containers. Files were easy to distribute and archive. JavaScript + <canvas> is not a suitable replacement. I miss it.

My Desk

At some point, I was getting sick and tired of traditional computer desks. Most of them fucking suck. They're generally too small, and if there's a raised platform for a monitor, it either isn't raised enough, is only big enough for one monitor, or is still too close to your face (or any combination thereof). Furthermore, I don't like dealing with monitor arms. As such, I converted to using a simple table as my main desk area for keyboard/mouse/tablet, and propped my monitors up on a separate table, which is actually an "X" stand for a music keyboard with a slab of particle board on top (which, ironically, was from an old computer desk).

This is the best setup I've found so far. It's comfortable, and I have a ton of room for drawing and such.

Opinion Regarding AI

Sonic OC

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time making games in Clickteam's The Games Factory. At some point, I made a Sonic OC named Grind the Hedgehog to be used in one of the many nonsensical things I created in that software. I never really used him much at all, but here he is anyway.

I dunno wtf was going on with the colors in that first version.