Site Design History

Throughout the years, my site's been through a few redesigns (and name changes). I thought it'd be fun to chronicle that, so below are some screenshots and information about the old formats.

I started working on a homepage back in 2011 or so. Originally, it was just a project for an information systems class in college, in which we had to build a basic HTML page. I didn't know much at all about developing websites at the time, so I decided to take it a bit further than the basic assignment and make an actual site for my creative work. I never had this on a paid hosting service or anything, just my student space.

Following that, I built a pixel-art based design. I think it was a fairly cool idea, although I never actually put it on the web.

After scrapping the previous design, I went with a simpler aesthetic, and actually registered a domain and signed up for hosting space. The domain was

Next up was, which I released around the same time as Option Fire. I knew a bit more about HTML/CSS by this point, and tried to give it some more personal flair.

Up until this point, I was writing everything as raw HTML/CSS files. Around the time of this next design, I switched to PHP.

A bit of refinement on the previous design, though I did like the Makua banner and the glossy navigation bar.

And finally, the design you're currently seeing. This is, obviously, where I changed my name from Wally Chantek to Mag Leymai, as well. I'm not sure if this design is more aesthetic, I don't think it is, but I absolutely think it's easier on the eyes and more functional. I also rewrote the site from scratch to just be a static page with content injected, as described here. I also dropped my disdain for JavaScript to allow me to develop interactive widgets (as seen on the art page).